Best Knee Replacement Surgeons In Dfw

Article provided by: Dr. Ben Deheshi Orthopedics Fort Worth, TX

Best Knee Replacement Surgeons In Dfw

Dr. Ben Deheshi at Dr. Ben Ortho is an experienced knee replacement surgeon in Dallas, TX, with over 14 years of surgical training. He is one of the best knee replacement surgeons in DFW to offer comprehensive treatment for knee, hip, and joint-related complaints. Dr. Ben also specializes in performing minimally invasive knee joint replacement procedures and invasive knee joint replacement in Dallas.

How long does it take to recover from a knee replacement?

With physiotherapy and rest, patients should be able to resume routine activities within 5-6 weeks of surgery. You may want to wait until you regain full muscle control before you can resume driving. Most patients start driving within three weeks of surgery.

However, if you are on narcotic pain medications, you must refrain from driving until your doctor approves. Furthermore, patients must limit their participation to low-impact activities such as walking, swimming, or golfing and refrain from high-intensity physical activities like jogging, skiing, jumping, etc., at all times.

What to expect after a knee replacement

Knee replacement surgery is for patients who have a severely injured or damaged knee joint. This procedure helps relieve pain and restores function by replacing the diseased knee joints with knee replacement prostheses. 

All knee arthroplasty patients require hospitalization for a couple of days. Our doctor will prescribe medications to help you overcome pain during the recovery phase. You can expect to witness pain relief, improved range of motion, better mobility, and enhanced quality of life after knee arthroplasty. Knee replacements, in general, last for a total of 12-15 years in patients.

What makes us the best choice for knee replacement surgery in DFW?

Dr. Ben Deheshi is a skilled knee replacement surgeon and holds over 14 years of experience in knee arthroplasty. We are one of the best orthopedic clinics in Texas, for knee surgery as we offer the highest quality treatment at affordable prices. We issue an information package to all our surgery patients beforehand to prepare them for their upcoming procedure. We also work on getting authorization from your insurer for your surgery.

Our staff will schedule a surgery date that works best for you. We also make necessary alterations to the surgery date, in case of delays in insurance authorization, abnormal test results, and in events where our patients have unforeseen commitments. Furthermore, we schedule all our patients for pre-operative evaluation and arrange for all the important tests such as blood work, X-rays, MRIs, etc., and make sure that the patient is eligible for Anesthesia. We also arrange for medical clearance from cardiologists and other specialists to ensure your eligibility for knee arthroplasty.

Call Dr. Ben Ortho today to schedule an appointment with the best knee replacement surgeons in DFW. Dr. Deheshi is one of the top orthopedic surgeons in Dallas, Fort Worth, to offer treatment in a high-end treatment facility. Visit our orthopedic surgeon in DFW to permanently overcome joint pains, muscle aches, severe hip discomfort, and knee-related conditions.

Best Knee Replacement Surgeons In Dfw
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