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Anniversary Party

We would love for you to join our women-owned small business in commemorating our six years of dedication, excellence, and offering exceptional healthcare for your beloved pets! The hospital will be celebrating our 6-year anniversary with a pop-up vendor market event, which will feature games, giveaways, adoptable pets from OC Animal Care, and supporting fellow local small businesses! We look forward to seeing you there!

Fear Free Streamlined Visits

Our separate waiting room areas for cats and dogs encourage a fear-free experience and an enjoyable visit. Everything about our facility was built with your and your pet’s well-being in mind! Sit back, relax (lay on the floor, have a couple of dog or cat treats), and enjoy our inviting atmosphere and home-like comforts and conveniences. Welcome to the TLAH family!

While we would love to see you and your furry friends all the time, we recognize that life is hectic, and your time is valuable. With this in mind, we strive to get all of your pet’s annual preventive care done in one visit rather than spreading it out over the year, whenever possible. This saves you unnecessary trips and makes it easier to keep track of medical due dates. This also gives you the opportunity to bring your pets to visit us just for fun during the year when you’re out and about with them, with hugs and treats awaiting them instead of prods and pokes at every visit. This will keep their annual and (hopefully infrequent) illness visits as a small part of their experience with us to help them feel happier and more comfortable when coming to the hospital. Happy pets = less stress for them and you!